Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday writing - character names

What’s in a name? How does a writer choose their character names, particularly the names of the male characters?

I know one writer who looks at the meaning of the name. Some people may choose to name their bad guys after people they don’t like – and vice versa.

For me it is the aesthetics – how does the name sound to me as a reader. I have given all my heroes names I would like my own ‘hero’ (if I had one) to have – hence, Sam, Nick, Ben, Curt, Matt, Dan etc – generally short names, although Dan started off as Daniel which I am fine with, but if I went out with anyone called Samuel I wouldn’t be able to keep it up and would have to shorten it to Sam!!!! I once went out with a George who had changed his name to that. I suspect the incredulity on my face throughout the date soured the relationship.

I ruminated in Friendly Seduction on character names, stating that names ending in the ‘ee’ or ‘s’ sound made them sound gentler than those ending in ‘n’ like Garin and Rayn who were two bounty hunters that I couldn’t possibly have called Jeremy and Miles. The names just don’t match the job.

Then there are the names which are just too old-fashioned for me to contemplate as my heroes so you won’t find me naming any of them Wilfred, Edgar or Arthur (although I might be persuaded go to with Will, Ed or Art if I am in a good mood).

And as for Donald – not even shortening it to Don or Donny would make me get an image of a duck out of my mind.

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Just in case you didn't read Monday's blog - I have added extra pages to the blog - one for each series and a gallery page. The 'series' pages are intended to draw together all the bits of information I tell you about my books in one place.


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