Monday, 9 April 2012

Inspirational Mondays

I did an interesting analysis of the titles of Bookstrand’s top 100 bestsellers for the past six months a little while back to see if there was any pattern or frequency in the titles that might inspire readers to pick my books. Here are my (rough) findings – these were the titles that were not the name of the hero:

Cowboy x 6
Mate x 5
Two x 5
Wolf x 4
Love x 4
Under x 3
Their x 3
Desire x 2
Destiny x 2
Fang x 2
Fur X 2
Good x 2
Kitty/kitten x 2
Men x 2
Raw x 2
Siren x 2
Triple x 2
Who x 2

So by this reckoning if you called your book something like ‘The Good Siren Kitten Understands the Destiny of the Two Raw Cowboy Men Who want Love and Desire with Their Triple Furred and Fanged Wolf Mates’ you’ve got it made!!!!!!!  


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