Monday, 10 September 2012

Inspirational Mondays - first anniversary

It’s my First Anniversary of being a writer!!! And what a year it has been. I am still astonished that people want to read my books.

Here is what I have achieved in this year:

  • Eight books published (another two due to be released in forthcoming months) in various genres: romantic comedies, BDSM, sci-fi and paranormal;
  • Known sales within my first year amount to approximately 1,700 but Amazon sales since April are only estimated via Novelrank(!*!) and could amount to another 3,000 and then there are others like third party sellers whose sales are unknown until you get your royalty statement. So by that reckoning, and hoping Novelrank have underestimated, I could be in the region of 5,000 sales in my first year!;
  • Works in progress not including the two due to be released soon include: a comedy sci-fi, the sequel in the latest BDSM series ‘Retraining the Dom’, the first in a werewolf BDSM series ‘The Haunt of the Wolves’, a follow up ten-years on story which links the Friends & Doms series ‘A Champagne Friday Reunion’;
  • Hit the top ten on Bookstrand’s list of bestsellers in the MF category;
  • ‘Submissive Training’ was number one on Siren’s list of bestsellers on Amazon UK for pretty much most of June and July;
  • Gave a talk on becoming a writer (am open to doing it again….);
  • Contributed to blogs, articles and interviews;
  • Set up my own blog and I post to it 3 times a week which is good fun and I’ve had some great blog discussions;
  • Set up facebook and twitter accounts (very difficult – I am not at all technical!!);
  • Made LOTS of writer friends – in particular Susan Laine, Tatum Throne and Angela Wray all of whom I am due to visit this Autumn. We have such fun talking books, men, writing, sex, plots, more men, firemen……;
  • HUGE learning development in how to write – am getting to grips with comma splices, dangling modifiers and em-dashes! (Don’t ask);
  • Worked on my first collaboration with another writer (Susan Laine) which was another big learning curve (but great fun!) – this one comes out in October;
  • As I write for American publishers learned to set up a document in first place which changes my words into American spelling without me having to think about them!;
  • Accepted by more than one publisher;
  • Completed my first short story and submitted for an anthology (and it was my first MM story);
  • And got my first fan emails.

What will I achieve in the next 12 months? Watch this space.


  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Jennifer! But what do you count the date from? First acceptance letter? First publication?

    1. Thanks, Janine! I count the date from the day my first book was released and so the day readers could start reading my work. Until that date I didn't quite believe it was real!!

  2. Congratulations Jen!!!! We'll have to celebrate when you visit! :D Enjoy the day celebrating!

  3. Congratulations! I am delighted that you have found a whole new métier and have been so successful at it. I'm not surprised you've got to grips with with comma splices, dangling modifiers and em-dashes, though - you haven't shared an office with me in two separate jobs for nothing!

    1. Thank you, dearest. I still may need to contact you from time to time.... you are my English expert!