Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday Writing - visiting Finland

I am off to Finland on Friday for a long weekend to visit fellow writer, Susan Laine, who is Finnish and with whom I collaborated on a story, The Last Werewolf, due out next month through Evernight Publishing.

Susan and I have never met before, nor even spoken, although I have sent her a little video of me. I’ve commented before that getting on with someone on the internet is like internet dating – it is only half the story. How we will get on in real life when factors like body language, facial expression, tone of voice, habits, smells and other things come into play (I am warning her now if farting was an Olympic sport I would have won a gold medal for England!).

She once said that it is so much easier to converse with someone over an email when you don’t have these factors in the mix. I was quite shocked when she told me she was shy. Up to that point I would never in a million years have categorised her as shy as she certainly doesn’t come over that way in emails. Whereas I used to be shy when I was younger, I can now be a pushy, opinionated cow!

So, if you hear about a noisy, smelly, argumentative Englishwoman getting deported from Finland you know we didn’t get on. On the other hand, we may continue the fun we’ve had over our emails (I call her my little Finnish Were-beast and she calls me an English Goblin) and I could come back from my sojourn having brainstormed our next story…….

(I’ll tell you how the trip went next week).


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