Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday Writing - competition time

Following on from Monday’s blog about having passed my first year as a writer and a writer writes words so….. the first person to post the easy answers to these questions will win a signed copy of either the complete Friends or the complete Doms series when they come out in paperback in the next few months. You have to look for the answers on my blog.

  1. Third book in the Friends & Acquaintances series.
  2. On the coming soon page a heroine is listed as fiercely what….?
  3. The third county in the list of countries in ‘readers to this blog come from …’
  4. First name of the writer with whom I am collaborating on The Last Werewolf.
  5. Number in title of fourth book down on right hand side of page
  6. Fourth letter of my surname
  7. Name of the heroine who gets married in November (Doms & Acquaintances series)
  8. Name of the club Retraining the Sub is set in
  9. Name of 2nd hero mentioned in blurb on Chasing Emily, the Duoterra sequel

Now take the first letters of each word and what do they spell…….?

PS Well done, Diana for completing the quiz despite me forgetting to put the name of the hero in question 9 somewhere on my blog!! For those still wanting to take part the first three people to email me on with the name of that hero (that I have now included!) will win an ebook of one of my books of your choice but not the Friends or Doms series as those are not available in ebook. The competition will close 5pm on Sunday (uk time).


  1. Hi Jennifer! Congrats on your first anniversary! I am new to Siren with my first book coming out in November. It is so encouraging to hear about your successes!

    So here are my answers for you contest questions:
    1.Friend or Foe
    2. Independent
    3. Russia
    4. S
    5. Three
    6. Y
    7. Ellie
    8. Allure
    9. I tried to find this answer! I've been looking for the last half hour but cannot find it anywhere! But I'm going to guess his name starts with R!

    First letters: FIRST YEAR

    1. Well done, Diana, despite my mistake!!! Thank you for your good wishes and congratulations on your own writing.

      Please email me on with your address and which of the series you would prefer.