Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wednesday Writing

I am making myself some ‘motivation cards’. I will pick a card each day and the word on it is intended to motivate me for the day or give me something to work towards. So to start with I have taken the words from the titles of all my published books (ignoring The, And, etc):

  • Challenge (I like the sound of that)
  • Chasing (hmm – who shall I chase? *evil grin*)
  • Collared (wear a collar to work for a day)
  • Emily (don’t know anyone called Emily. Maybe I should spend the day calling everyone Emily. Hahaha!)
  • Foe (hmm – will have to regard that one as be nice to enemies!!!)
  • Friendly (that sounds good – I shall be friendly to everyone for the day)
  • Friend(s) (that will be get in touch with old friends day)
  • Good (oh God, do I have to be good??)
  • Just (hmm, be fair to someone, give them the benefit of the doubt maybe?)
  • Last (make a bar of chocolate last the day, maybe?)
  • Retraining/Training (must check out/research something new)
  • Seduction (ooo, I like the sound of this one. Who can I seduce?)
  • Sub/Submission/Submissive (I do try to be submissive – I am very trying!)
  • Switched (Ah! Does this mean I can be dominant for the day?)
  • Three (oh, that one has to be buy three crème eggs or something like that J)
  • Werewolf/wolves (help??? Maybe do a flash fiction about a werewolf?)
  • Wife (no idea what to do with this one since I am not one! Maybe do something wifely like bake some cookies!!!!!)


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