Monday 4 March 2013

Monthly Inspirational Author Interview - Jan Bowles

This month’s inspirational author is Jan Bowles who writes terrific BDSM stories and because she lives in my part of the world, we’ve met up which was great! Over to you, Jan.

Hi, Jennifer, thanks so much for inviting me on to your blog. For readers who don’t know me, I write contemporary erotic romance with a large splash of BDSM thrown in for good measure.

Tell us about your latest book.

My latest book, The Dom with the Dragon Tattoo is the 5th in the Masters of Submission series. The series revolves around the patrons of a club in Boston, Mascheusetts, called, Club Submission. It can be bought here.

In this latest story, Tyler Stone hires Rebecca Miles for his latest software project. She is just his type of woman – Beautiful, intelligent and submissive.

What makes a great hero?

Ideally a strong man, with a warm, soft centre. I’ll quote from one of my favourite singers, Barbra Streisand. “A man is like a baked potato. All crisp and hard on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside.”

Now that sounds adorable.

 Who are some of your favorite authors?

I have so many romance authors whom I adore, I just couldn’t name them all. Outside the romance genre, I really love Patricia Cornwell, and all her Dr. Kay Scarpetta novels. They keep me glued to the pages.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Drinking a glass of red wine, and eating a piece of dark Belgium chocolate. Now that’s pure indulgence.

What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?

I’m almost finished the first book in a new series. This one is an introduction, and contains my favourite genre to write about – BDSM. It also has an English schoolteacher who finds love with an American billionaire. I just love placing a demure English rose, against a hard, American Dom. It makes for some dramatic conflicts.
(And I, for one, love Jan’s BDSM stories)

What’s the hardest part of writing?

Keeping the muse going. Sometimes it just disappears entirely. That’s when I have to look elsewhere for inspiration. A walk, or just browsing the Internet, will hopefully clear the mind.
(Too true! Where does it go……?)

Favourite rainy day activity?

I love painting. I have several that can be seen on my website. I find it very relaxing, and enjoy it immensely.

How can you fans find you on the internet?

Excerpt for the Dom with the  Dragon Tattoo below:
Think, man, think. What’s wrong with this picture?
Meeting her for the first time, he gained the distinct impression that she hid her real identity behind those ugly thick-rimmed glasses. Surely she didn’t pick them because she liked them? They were hideous. He refused to accept the evidence of his eyes, because somehow he found her strangely alluring, almost as though her plainness hid a rare incredible beauty beneath. He was well aware that didn’t make any sense, but that was how he felt. Rebecca was boringly plain yet achingly beautiful. How crazy was that? Not a trace of makeup adorned her unblemished face, and for some unknown reason he found her lack of try hard refreshing. 
She was opinionated to the point of being aggressive. She was confident and self-assured to the point of arrogance. She epitomized everything he steered clear of in a woman. As a respected Dom, who demanded his subs be obedient at all times, he shouldn’t find her remotely attractive, yet strangely he did.
Her lips were full, and he watched a moist tongue swipe away remnants of the butter sauce that had oozed from her salmon.
Even the way she held her wineglass endowed her with an elegance that seemed at odds with her plain-Jane looks.
The nagging doubts continued to feed his imagination as he cut into his steak, allowing the blood to follow the knife. “As I’m sure you are aware, cyberterrorism is a major threat to our country’s security. Cerberus Technology is a world leader in the cutting-edge software needed for the twenty-first century.”
“Of course I am aware. That’s why I contacted you.” Not a single tremor betrayed her as she held her fork completely motionless, midway between plate and mouth.
Tyler wondered if she were always so unflappable. He would love to make this woman tremble uncontrollably. His cock hardened at the mere thought of it.
Rebecca covered another small piece of salmon with butter sauce before forking it to her lips. “I’m in the process of developing a revolutionary password protection system. It needs further work. Two years should see it ready for marketing.”
“So why do you need Cerberus? Why not continue to develop it with Omega Computing?”
“Money. Cerberus is funded by the federal government, because of its links to the US military. Omega Computing can’t compete with that type of funding.”
Tyler took a sip of wine and held her in his gaze, wondering why he found her oddly familiar. “I take it this will be an expensive project?”
“Expensive? That’s an understatement. It’s a biometrics system that can change dynamically every time it’s used, making it impervious to hacking.”
“You seem confident in your ability?”
“Mr. Stone, I’m good at my job. The best there is. That’s why you’ve flown all the way from Houston to see me.”
Oh, how he would love to tame her sassy ways. If any lady needed a man’s discipline, it was this one. “Let’s cut to the chase, Rebecca. How much do you—”
“A basic two million a year. Plus a percentage based on results. A prestigious company car would also be required. An Aston Martin or Bentley would be most agreeable. I would be willing to sign a two-year contract provided it came with an opt-out clause that guarantees me a full year’s pay should things not work out between myself and Cerberus Technology.” She paused for breath. “I would also insist on choosing my own team, just as I have at Omega Computing. My terms are nonnegotiable, Mr. Stone.”
As she spoke, he visualized her bare, reddened ass lying across his knee. Only she wasn’t saying, “My terms are nonnegotiable, Mr. Stone.” She was crying out, “I’m sorry, Master, I’ll never be so disrespectful again.”

Thanks for having me on your blog today Jennifer. I’ve really enjoyed answering your questions.

You are very welcome, Jan. Great having you. There is no author interview in April as it is Easter but the month after will be Tara Rose.



  1. Hi, Jen,

    I enjoyed the interview, and look forward to hearing about your great weekend soon.

  2. Now I need to read on. The exchange between these two is brilliant.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Raven. I love creating sassy outspoken women, especially ones that enjoy a little male guidance ;-)

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