Friday, 4 October 2013

Weekend Reading

All the recommendations this week are Evernight books since Evernight are celebrating their third birthday! Also note that all Evernight books are 40% off on Evernight website until 7 October or 25% on All Romance Ebooks.

Title of book: Grading the Curve

Name of author: Nicola Cameron

Genre: contemporary, May/December

Main characters: Alex, 38, a handsome widowed English professor who hides his grief behind a sardonic wall. Ellen, 21, an orphaned scholarship student who just wants to finish college and start life.

Setting:  Modern day, small Midwestern college town

Length: 13K

Synopsis: On the eve of her college graduation, Ellen wishes she could tell her favorite professor how she feels about him. To her shock, she finds out he’s just as interested in her. Is this a classroom crush, or something more?

What's Hot?: semi-public foreplay, sex in an auditorium bathroom

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Title of book: The Last Werewolf 

Name of author: Jennifer Denys and Susan Laine

Genre: MMF

Main characters: Summer Harrison, English (with Finnish mother), strawberry blonde hair, tall, mid twenties, fit, witty, smart, a sports coach (and werewolf).
Rik Linna, Finnish, late twenties, bi-sexual, a banker, dark haired, hunky, easy going.
Leevi Valo, Finnish, mid thirties, bi-sexual, owner of a garage, blond, very tall, lean, ruggedly handsome, brooding.

Setting:  Contemporary – England and Finland

Length:  60k

Summer believes she is the last werewolf in the world, but when she finds an old letter from Finland she travels there. Although drawn to a Finnish man, Rik, he confesses to having feelings for his ex-boyfriend, Leevi. Uncovering the truth about her wolf heritage is fraught with peril when she is abducted and imprisoned in an old fort.

What's Hot?: A threesome in a hill fort in the wilderness of Hell’s Lake.

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Title of book: A Mile High

Name of author: Bethany-Kris

Genre: Contemporary

Main characters: Olivia "Liv"- Mid twenties, tall, dark wavy hair, web designer, and a workaholic in need of a vacation. Sal- Thirty-one, tall, dark, handsome, and charming Newfoundland native; a business owner making big changes in his life.

Setting: Modern day. Maine, a plane, and Newfoundland, Canada.

Length: 15k

Synopsis: Olivia is in desperate need of a vacation, but when the airline screws up her plans for a getaway to the beautiful Barbados, instead putting her on a new path that intertwines with Sal, she can’t say no to his offer of joining the mile high club.

What's Hot?: sex in first class on a public flight.

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