Monday, 28 October 2013

What's Doing Mondays

Character profile (this follows from the last two character profiles from ‘Retraining the Sub’) – also check out interview on Friday on Liv Honeywell’s and Jan Bowles’s blogs with more information about this book.

Name – Trey Knight (full name Trevor)

Book – Retraining the Dom
Love interest – Olivia (he insists on calling her Livvy). Never married.

Age – 45

Hair/eyes Black hair, grey/silver eyes

Height/weight – 6ft 3in, very fit and hunky

Looks – Arrogant, hard, inflexible

Other – Loves using of impact tools when being a Dom, but never hits with his hand. Enjoys giving demos to music, eg, uses a flogger to the beat of the music.

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