Friday, 25 October 2013

Weekend Reading

This week's weekend reading recommendations are as follows:

Title of book: Retraining the Dom

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: BDSM

Main characters: Trey - 40s, Dom, dark, strong, needs retraining, abusive past/Olivia- 50s, Domme with submissive streak, tall, voluptuous, phoenix tattoo

Setting:  modern day, BDSM club

Length: 32k

Synopsis: Trey has to go on Club Allure's Retraining programme, but he is too strong a Dom to be controlled by another Dom. Olivia is a mature, experienced Domme hiding a submissive streak. Can she tame Mr Control himself or will she be tamed instead?

What's Hot?: Double penetration in a hot tub

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Title of Book: Monsters Under the Bed   

Name of Author: Susan Laine

Genre: Paranormal MM

Main Characters: Sam Garrett -- Private investigator, ex-military, brown eyes, brown hair, shaggy Bogart-type/Rex Ford -- Landscape artist, ex-police officer, blond hair, blue eyes, gorgeous WASP-type.

Setting: Contemporary Unveiled San Francisco

Length: 156 pages

Synopsis: PI Sam Garrett is hired by eccentric billionaire toy maker and child genius Mozart "Mo" Chance—after his apparent suicide in the hills of San Francisco. The inheritors of Mo’s fortune—the uncle, the butler, the nanny, and the bodyguard—are joined by Sam’s partner and lover, Rex Ford. If Mo endured horrific nightmares about monsters under his bed, there’s no telling what dangers await a nosy PI.

What’s hot: Sex in a changing room.

Title of book: Rock Hard

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Contemporary MF

Main characters: Kade Gentry – Ranger, black hair, blue eyes, hard tanned face/Wynn South – internal affairs agents for US Forest Service, yellow blonde hair.

Setting:  Kentucky hills

Length: 38k

Synopsis: Internal Affairs Agent, Wynn South, gets a rush from going undercover. Rock climbing atop the Arrowhead, Wynn meets the Ranger she is investigating, Kade Gentry. Forbidden passions ignite when a thunderstorm forces them to take cover. Caught between her mission and passion, Wynn crosses the line. It turns into a fiery affair that she knows she’ll have to end.

What's Hot?: Sex in a jeep.

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  1. I have Retraining the Dom and am planning on reading it this weekend!