Friday, 6 December 2013

Weekend reading

Here are this week's Weekend Reading Recommendations! Enjoy.

Title of Book: Blackmailed into the Billionaire's Bed

Name of Author: Jan Bowles

Genre: Erotic, Contemporary, MF

Main Characters:  Mac Buchanan ~ 38 year old, newspaper magnate. Dark hair, silver grey eyes, 6ft 3in, and the physique of a Greek God (of course!) 

Kendall Van Heusen ~ 27 year old, financial controller at Buchanan Enterprises. Blonde, tall 5ft 7in.

Setting: New York, and Florida Keys

Length: 40,004

SynopsisKendall Van Heusen is in awe of her new boss, powerful and ruthless Mac Buchanan, the legendary newspaper magnate, a self-made man who rules his empire with an iron fist. Their budding romance turns bad when she is forced to steal a million dollars for the safe return of her best friend. Unable to tell Mac the truth, will Kendall be blackmailed into the billionaire's bed?

What's Hot: Blackmailed into a sexy Billionaire's Bed

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Title of Book: Training Kemper 

Author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Contemporary, M/M, BDSM
Main characters: Sgt. Shawn O’Leary, blonde hair with red highlights, blue eyes, 6’3”, muscular. He is in to fitness and health.

Lt. Kemper Morrow, black hair, brown eyes, 5’10”, stocky

Setting: Cincinnati, Ohio

Length: 31k

Synopsis: After a catastrophic injury in the line of duty, Lt. Kemper Morrow withdraws from life. He’s given up on himself and his SWAT training. Sgt. Shawn O’Leary’s only job is to get Kemp back to work, but Kemper isn’t ready to trust anyone. As a Dom, Shawn’s ready to show Kemp some tough love.

What's Hot: Some really hot workout sessions!

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Title of the book: Untangle Me

Name of the author: S.J. Maylee

Genre: Erotic Romance with D/s

Main characters: Ivy Reed has long brown straight hair, brown eyes, and is 5’5” She is in her late 20s and runs her own event planning business. She often wears tight skirts, silk blouses, and high heels.
Seth Marsh has dark as night black hair. It’s thick and short. He has brown eyes and is 6’ He is a wealthy CEO and often wears suits and ties.

Setting: all of my stories are set in the Chicago area.

Length: Novelette (12k)

Synopsis: Seth and Ivy enjoy each other’s company in and out of the planning stages for Seth’s charity event. Their playful bets lead them to a first date. When their secret kinks are revealed, the pair fall deep, but it’s not meant to last. Past hurts come back to haunt Ivy. Now, it’s time for Seth to use all he’s learned, regardless if he can win back the girl.

What’s Hot: sex in a private room at their BDSM club


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jennifer. Now what shall I choose? Kinky sex or a HOT workout session....

  2. Thanks for including me, Jennifer. :D

  3. All three of these books sound really good!
    My TBR pile is getting really big!!

  4. Thanks for having me on today with such fantastic authors!!! ♥

  5. More choices. space is getting smaller and smaller... Thanks for the info !!