Wednesday, 2 July 2014

NEW book accepted and NEW publisher!

I have submitted my latest short story called 'Kink After Dinner' to a new publisher, Luminosity Publishing – and they have accepted!

Yippee. It will be nice to work for an English publisher, although I seem to be collecting one from each country – USA, Canada, UK…. Check out my author page on their website (I try to say something different on each website!)

This story is an MF BDSM story about swingers so there is touching/kissing/BDSM with people outside the MF relationship. It also features older people, so it was nice to write about someone my own age and include references to hot flushes, weight gain around the stomach, going grey/bald (the men in the story) and how this might affect your sex lives – or help it….?!

It is just a short story…. however, it is also a teaser for a longer series which will be set in an English country mansion which holds BDSM events.

Note received by the heroine: ‘Expect some SERIOUS paddling, Master’

Look out for it in September. J



  1. Congratulations, Jen!!! Loved your author page and the blurb for your book!