Friday, 18 July 2014

Weekend Reading

Today’s weekend reading includes desk sex, two hunks in front of a fire, and sex in a pool on top of a mansion!

Title of book: Deceiving Her Billionaire Bosses

Name of author: Jan Bowles

Genre: Erotic romance/contemporary/ménage a trois (MFM)

Main characters:
Matt Granger (38) and Conrad Dee (38), two billionaires who run Grandee Security, and Jennifer White (29) who becomes their new PA

Setting:  New York

Length: 34,800 words

Desperate to change the way she feels, Jennifer applies for the position of personal assistant at Grandee Security—a thriving company run by Matt Granger and Conrad Dee.
Jennifer is well aware that she doesn’t hold the necessary qualifications, but she figures she has nothing to lose.  Will her gorgeous bosses discover her deception? 

What's Hot?: Sex with two hunks in front of the fire. Definitely hot if you forget to turn over!

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Title of book: A Ticket To Love

Name of author: Rebecca Brochu

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy, GLBT, Contemporary, M/M

Description of main characters: Luke Hill:  Tall, lean, black hair, brown eyes.  Café owner who wears thick framed glasses and large sweaters.

Grayson Harkess:  tall, broad shouldered, dark brown hair and eyes.  A traffic cop.

Setting: Modern Era/Unnamed City

Length: 10745 words

Blurb: When Grayson Harkess arrests the wrong socialite’s son and is busted back down to traffic duty by his captain, he's understandably upset and angry.  Miserable and frustrated Grayson doesn't see an upside to his situation.  Not until he tickets a sports car for double parking and bumps right into the man of his dreams.  

What's hot?: Desk sex!

Title of book: This Time When We Touch

Name of Author: Tina Donahue

Genre: Contemporary erotic – paranormal elements (reincarnation)

Description of main characters: Jade, early thirties, Brazilian,
dark brown hair, green eyes, sexy, sultry, voluptuous.
Patrick, early thirties, tall, lean yet muscular, black hair, dark brown eyes, hot as

Setting: Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval

Length: 51,789

Blurb: Throughout time, Jade has reunited with her lover briefly, only to have
fate tear them apart. During this, their final reincarnation, she has
forty-eight hours to meet and tempt her lover, now known as Patrick. To
cheat destiny, she must convince Patrick of their timeless bond or lose
him forever.

What's hot?: Sex in a pool on the roof of a secluded mansion

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer

    Sex in the pool and over the desk! Now I know what I will be reading this weekend!

  2. Thanks, Jan - appreciate you stopping by! :)

  3. All of three of these books sound really awesome! Looking forward to reading them.