Friday, 4 July 2014

Weekend Reading

This week's books including erotic punishment and 'body inspections'!

Title of book: Starlight

Name of author: Sara Anderson

Genre: Science fiction/BDSM/Sextreme

Description of main characters:

Joran, brown hair, golden eyes and Commander of a Dareen warship

Kara, blonde hair, brown eyes, secretary at a sheriff’s department

Setting: This starts on Earth, but moves to the Dareen warship

Length: 52,329 words

Blurb: Joran is the Commander of a Dareen warship hunting for his enemy that attacked a Dareen colony. The hunt leads him to Earth where he meets Kara Johnson. When his enemy threatens her he is finally able to claim her as his own.

What’s hot: Kinky, Dominant/submissive sex and erotic punishment

Title of Book: Forbidden (Planet Alpha #5)

Name of author: J. J. Lore

Genre: Sci-Fi erotic romance, MFM

Description of main characters: Both Deklan and Leo are big, muscular, golden-skinned Alphan alien men with sleek black horns nearly hidden in their long black hair. Scars from battle mar their bodies; Deklan’s back is crisscrossed with old lash marks, and Leo’s lower limbs are damaged. Aura is a petite blonde who acts impulsively which gets her into trouble, and the Alphan’s bed.

Setting: Planet of Vashon/Earth

Length: 90 pages

Blurb: Disabled Alphan warriors Leo and Deklan serve their comrades as they heal veterans at an isolated medical camp on a distant world. When Aura, an injured human woman, needs a place of refuge, they offer to help. Soon, they find their hearts and souls binding with hers, but she is destined to return to Earth.

What’s hot? A go-to seduction that involves bodily inspection

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Title of book: Devil’s Own (The Wheel Mysteries #2)
Name of author: Susan Laine

Genre: MM/Murder mystery

Description of main characters: Niall Valentine, PI: dark hair, blue eyes, ruggedly handsome, tall and lean, gray business suit.

Gus Goodwin, Wiccan shopkeeper: blond curls, green eyes, a cute twink, jeans, T-shirt, sandals.

Setting: Seattle

Length: 192 pages

Blurb: A month into their relationship, PI Niall Valentine and his occult shopkeeper boyfriend, Gus Goodwin, are hoping for a little time alone, but they’re thrown into another murder mystery among Seattle’s rich, powerful and eccentric.

What’s Hot: First time together!

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