Friday, 29 August 2014

Weekend Reading

This week’s recommendations include an erotic writer who advertises for men, hot sex in ancient Greece, and drool-worthy dominant aliens!

Title of book: Erotic Writer Seeks Men

Name of author: Heather Kinnane

Genre: Erotic romance

Description of main characters:

Samantha - an introvert who, until now, explored her fantasies by writing about them.

Richard - blue eyes, dimple, a gaze that rests on your eyes, not on your chest.

Oliver - romantic, thoughtful, likes to kiss every inch of your skin

Jarred - boyish, rough, prefers to stick to the main 'bits'

Setting: a pub, a bookshop and a small flat - all in a large city somewhere

Length: 16,000 words

Blurb: Samantha Fox puts an ad in the local paper, "Fem. Erotic author seeks men for experience, experimentation, and inspiration for erotic works." Richard, Jarred and Oliver answer the call, and Samantha's dismal love-life and dreary writing are spiced up as she experiences pleasures she's only ever dreamt of.

What's hot?: One woman and three men - all together!

Title of book: Saved by Perseus 

Name of author: Ela Stein

Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance

Description of main characters:

Andromeda - curvaceous princess of Aethiopia, with honey-colored skin and hair, and green eyes.

Perseus - rumored to be the son of Zeus, he is muscled like a god, with tan skin and black hair.

Setting: Ancient Green in mythological times.

Length: 16,750 words

Blurb: Andromeda's world comes crashing down when the Gods proclaim that she is to be sacrificed to the tentacle sea monster that has been ravaging her lands. Perseus witnesses her plight and comes to her rescue, but liberating Andromeda requires more than just skill with his sword.

What's hot?: Hot sex in all sorts of ways to help Andromeda move on

Title of book: Rescued by her Alien Warriors

Name of author: Doris O'Connor

Genre: Sci fi/ MMF

Description of main characters:

Sapphyre Conton is a 28 year old human mum, who hates her red hair, freckles, and propensity to blush, not to mention the extra weight she carries.

Commander Alzaar, Drakan, is a dominant seven foot Alien, with a permanent scowl on his face. Big muscular hunk, with golden skin tone, piercing blue eyes, dark hair, and horns on top of his head. He's in his late thirties.

Second Commander Bentaan, Drakan, is a very similar build and height to Alzaar, but Bentaan has brown eyes, and his dark hair is longer on top, short round back and sides, mussed on top. Golden skin tone and horns - same as Alzaar. Late thirties. He's the more easy going one.

Setting: Unspecified time in our future on Earth and in a war-torn galaxy far, far away

Length: 48,237 words

Blurb: A warship is no place for a human mother and her child. Commander Alzaar and his second in command, Bentaan, can't very well leave an injured Sapphyre on Earth though. Especially when their instincts scream at them that this human is their mate.

What's Hot?: Drool worthy, dominant Aliens who will do anything to keep their mate safe.


  1. Thanks for hosting me. I will have to check out the other two books. They sound great :-D

  2. All three of these books sound really good! I have read books by Doris O'Connor and Ela Stein and they are both really good authors. I am looking forward to reading books by Heather Kinnane.

  3. Thank you for hosting me, Jennifer!
    @angieia, thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)