Thursday, 10 November 2016

Love & Lust in Space blog hop

Blog hop for ‘Love & Lust in Space’ anthology

I am delighted to welcome you to my blog where I am going to tell you about my story in the ‘Love & Lust in Space’ anthology.

They say your screams can’t be heard in space… Unless you have a partner or two! Eleven authors take you on a trip where any pairings are acceptable, locations vary from spaceships to strange and futuristic worlds, and interesting and exciting objects can be used in sex play.

If randy astronauts, virtual reality lovers, sex in near-death situations, a commitment phobe human and her alien lover, and reproduction in space experiments don’t do anything for you, you are clearly not human!

So try the stories in the alien worlds half of the anthology, instead. Here you’ll find alien Doms, a mysterious gladiator saving a stricken princess, an exotic dancer, a paid assassin on the run, an illegal sonic dilda’tor, and a pleasure booth. Space has never been so exciting!

My story is entitled ‘The Sonic Dilda’tor’. It is an MF story set on an alien world and came out of a workshop I was giving at the Smut by the Sea event in May on ‘Sex in Sci-fi’ during which everyone took part in a sci-fi cluedo exercise, eg, they all had a person, a location and an object and had to come up with a great sex scene. My example was Miss Scarlet (which became Skarlet in my story) on Vulcan (which became Vulvania) with a sonic screwdriver (which became a sonic dilda’tor). This is the blurb -

Skarlet is a very sensuous woman, but is married to Braemel, whose people only have sex once every five years and she is desperate to save her marriage. She accidentally comes across a Sonic Dilda’tor and immediately knew it would help them. Unfortunately, it is banned on that planet …

Here is a little excerpt:

As she settled in a chair fiddling with the controls, the head of the tool touched her leg.
            “Holy hell!” It was like her thigh had just had an orgasm—the nerve endings were practically fizzing!
            Getting excited by the prospect she then placed it on one of her breasts and gasped as both her nipples instantly jutted out, begging for ministration.
            Skarlet quickly jerked her top down, hooking it under a breast. With some hesitation, she slowly placed the head of Dilda’tor against the eager nipple.
            Her chest shot up and she nearly left the chair as the most exquisite burst of electricity tore through her body. It didn’t hurt, yet it stimulated every nerve ending. “Oh shimmering God of all creation.”
            Her body thrummed with anticipation. If it was doing that to her already, what would it be like if it touched her sexual organs.
            Biting her lip as trepidation mingled with excitement, Skarlet let her thighs fall apart. As usual for her people she was naked beneath her dress, and she placed the object gently against her clit.
            Having an inclination of what to expect this time she kept the Dilda’tor against her genitals, gritting her teeth against the sensations bombarding her body as her climax rose at an astounding rate.
            Lifting her legs over the arms of the chair to get more freedom, she continued holding the device against her now-sensitised organ.
            At the same moment as her climax split the air the door opened and in came Braemel, who stood frozen to the spot.
            “What exactly are you doing, Skarlet?”

*CONTEST* - I am giving away a lovely pair of earrings! All you need to do is to invent an alien sex toy – leave a comment saying its name and what it does and I’ll pick the best on Monday morning.

Please do check out the other anthology authors’ blogs as you will find lots of interest and may even find some other giveaways! And if you like the sound of the anthology here is the buy link (it will take you to the Amazon in your country):


  1. First of all I think women seem to be well catered for so I think men need a little pleasure! Seeing a lot of men love gaming and X-box's I think something that can combine the two! One part should be a virtual reality helmet which the player can access the type of women or man of their desires! The next part of course is connected to their naughty but nice bits! Which then will trick the their reality and increase the stimulation. It is called the pleasure hub. :)

    1. Love it! You are my winner, Shirley. Now... where can I get a pleasure hub...?

  2. Very much enjoying the new anthology, reading the paperback at bedtimes leads to very exciting dreams! I want one of these pleasure hubs Shirley Moule has invented!!!

  3. I think a full VR bodysuit has endless possibilities. :-)