Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Character Profile

Character profiles for Friend or Foe:

Name – Gina Mitchell

Book – Friend or Foe

Love interest – Dan (work colleague at an Events Management Company)

Age – late twenties

Hair/eyes – long dark brown hair, brown eyes

Height/weight - petite

Looks - attractive

Other – Is cousin to Matt and flatmate to Lissa from ‘Friendly Seduction’. Is a secret author. Is the queen of ‘comebacks’ and flirting.

Name – Dan Rayner

Book – Friend or Foe

Love interest – Gina (work colleague)

Age – late twenties

Hair/eyes – Black hair, blue eyes

Height/weight – Hunky

Looks - Very handsome

Other – Is a ‘ladies’ man’. Suave and charming.

Blurb: Despite a strong attraction, Gina Mitchell is constantly at loggerheads with work colleague Dan Rayner. However, the hero of the book she is writing—her first ever—is based on him, recreating erotic sex scenes from the movies. When Dan finds out exactly what she is writing, this gives him the opportunity to tease her unmercifully.
The queen of insults, Gina gives as good as she gets, but gradually Dan becomes interested in her writing and Gina starts to lean on him for support as she experiences the trials of getting her story published. Their relationship goes to a new level when this starts to involve practicing some of the scenes including on a piano and in a car, the growing chemistry allowing them to become more adventurous. But will the "just good sex with a friend" go any further, or will they drop back to their old insults?

Review on Amazon: This is a quick and fun read. It's nice to finish out the group of friends and see them all HEA. It has some hot scenes as well as Jennifer Denys' trademark humor.

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