Friday, 24 October 2014

Weekend Reading

A photo shoot, use of a willow tree and a balcony 50 floors up – just some of the sexy things our authors have dreamed up in their sex scenes this week.

Title of book: Mr Innocent

Name of author: Angel Ray

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Description of main characters:

Lexi Gifford, 5 feet 4 inches, green eyes, long raven hair, average weight

Theodore (Theo) Logan, 6 feet, strong physique, short brown hair, brown eyes, average weight

Setting: present day New York

Length: 40 pages

Blurb: Lexi Gifford is the editor of a popular women’s magazine named Innocent. She begins a passionate affair with her younger hunky new assistant Theodore Logan who goes by Theo. Theo is a rather naive and virginal farm boy from Iowa. Lexi is thirty-two and Theo is eighteen.

What's hot?: Sex in a studio during a photo-shoot

Title of book: Her Bear Protector (The Protectors 1)

Name of author: Doris O’Connor

Genre: Paranormal BDSM

Description of main characters:

Ronan Bernhard, Bear Shifter, 31, six and a half feet, messy short brown hair, brown eyes, stubbly masculine jaw, hard features, inked sleeves on both arms, rides a Harley.

Tina Snowdon, 24, Human, carries a few extra pounds, five foot eight, big bust, green eyes, long black hair, pale complexion.

Setting: Small village in Cumbria, UK

Length: 34,181 words

Blurb: When you’re the village protector, claiming a human should be out of the question. To do so will place Tina in danger, but when his bear scents his mate, fate has other ideas. To watch over her from afar is suddenly not an option anymore.

What’s hot?: Lots of hot and kinky sex, and inappropriate use of a Willow tree.

Title of book: Cover Him with Darkness: a romance
Name of author: Janine Ashbless

Genre: Paranormal thriller/hot romance

Description of main characters:

  1. Azazel, fallen angel, several billion years old, 6ft+ (he gets taller when he’s angry), eyes usually silver (but run away if they turn red. Really: run and keep running…)
  2. Milja Petak: 23 years old, 5’8” (Montenegrins tend to be tall), brown eyes, brown hair, civil engineer
  3. Egan Kansky: 6ft, blond hair, grey eyes, Irish-American, all-round-nice-guy-and-IT-security-dude (that’s what he says anyway, but oh boy is he lying about both)
 Setting: Modern-day Montenegro + Boston +Burning Man Festival

Length: 80K+

Blurb: If you loved an angel, how far would you fall with him? When Milja falls in love with the damned angel imprisoned for centuries beneath her home, she risks her family, her life and her very soul. And when she dares to set him free, all hell breaks loose.

What’s hot?: Sex on a restaurant balcony wall … fifty floors up!


  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Jennifer :-)

  2. Wow three really great books! A bear shifter, a farm boy from Iowa and a fallen angel can't wait to read about these guys!