Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Alien Manhunt 3

I know you’ve been waiting a long time but I am pleased to say that Alien Manhunt 3 has been finished, submitted and accepted by the publisher to be released probably in October.

This is the last story in the trilogy (or is it…? See below) and it is the turn of the last of our alien heroes to be hunted – this time on Earth. What is Earth of the future going to be like…. You will have to read it to see. As usual there is a twist in the end! (I am so mean!!)

As a reminder in AM1 – Greg is hunted on Cinattra or is he?

AM2 – Taran is hunted on Espoornia but can he escape before he is sold?

However, this time there is also an epilogue (with another big twist) – and as I was writing it I was thinking I could easily do a follow up story showing them a few years on. We will see!


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