Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Erotic Writers' Lunch

Erotic Writers' lunch

I haven’t reported on one of these for ages! I had lunch on Monday with three authors I met at the Smut events: Ashe Barker, Kryssie Fortune and Cat Summerfield – as all of us live or work near Leeds (here's me with Cat and Ashe - thanks to Kryssie for the photo)

We had a great time and agreed we must meet up again.

Usual topics:

  • What we are working on (it was a mixture of sci-fi MM - me, paranormal (Kryssie - see photo), mystery (Ashe) and fantasy story (Cat)

  • There was a discussion about our respective publishers and what’s good or bad about them (this included not doing print books as a negative for some, and positives included publishers who are willing to run with unusual ideas you may have instead of sticking hard and fast to rigid rules).

  • Writing events and conferences (Eroticon is coming up next month but unfortunately I can’t attend this one – also a great Writers Workshop at York Uni. Sadly this is too expensive for me to attend. However, I will be at the next Smut event in Manchester in October).

  • Home life – Kryssie has just become a grandmother again and I had an accident falling off my worktop whilst doing the decorating (I’m okay – just a badly bruised derriere!)
  • Working life – Cat is in the enviable position of being able to be a full-time writer due to saving up hard when last working and renting or sharing with friends (see pic). Kryssie also manages to only work part-time.

  • Trips to London - we talked about the great exhibitions at the British Library that every writer should visit and also the experience of watching a production at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

But Ashe came up with the best story about her adventures getting to the lunch which involved missing keys, garages, traffic, car parks, lack of cash and phones! I think there’s a story there…..


  1. Ah yes, I thought I was fated not to get there. But it was a great get-together and I'm looking forward to the next time

    1. We were so pleased when you finally managed to get there!

  2. Oh ladies, I wish I could have joined you! Looks like you had a lovely lunch :)

  3. I'm glad you made it, Ashe. I had the best afternoon. Thanks Jenifer for a great right up.