Monday, 27 July 2015

Something you never knew about me...

Something you never knew about me:

I am a walking wreck! (You might want to stop reading now……)

I am tone deaf, very short sighted, very little sense of smell (and subsequently my sense of taste is diminished) and have had a problem with sinusitis for a long time.

If that wasn’t enough I disintegrated the cartilage in my big toe as a child jumping off a climbing frame and landing awkwardly – this is caused me problems wearing shoes all my life and in my early 50s I started having wear and tear of the knee – caused because I have been walking awkwardly all my life due to the big toe problem!! This doesn’t stop me walking lots, but I do have issues walking uphill or up stairs.

Then I had an inner ear infection about 20 years ago and subsequently I cannot bear certain loud noises like police/ambulance or fire engine sirens and have to hurriedly clap my hands over my ears.

I suffered badly (as many women do in their mid to late 40s) from heavy flooding during their period and now I am in the menopause I suffer badly from hot flushes.

Next I was in a house fire 14 years ago and got splashed on my hand by burning hot fat. The skin did not grow back properly because I have hypertrophic or keloid scarring (my body produces too much collagen).

And now I am having problems with high blood pressure (actually I probably had this all my life but am only now on medication for it), and with irritable bowel syndrome (my kitchen is being taken over by the pharmacy).

On the good side, I have all my limbs and have never broken a single bone, even if I do bruise them from time to time falling off worktops doing the decorating!


  1. Let's just wrap you up in cotton batting. Jeez!

  2. Guess we're all broken in some way. My knee's arthritic, my heart valve's carbon fibre and my thyroids kaput but I hope that's not what people see when they look at me. I certainly didn't see any of that in you. Instead, I found a lively companion and kindred spirit. Looking forward to meeting up again.