Monday, 31 August 2015

Christmas story!

Just submitted my first Christmas story (well, second - the first one was to an anthology for a different publisher and it was rejected! I may resurrect that at some point).

This one is called 'Naughty Christmas Wishes' and has been sent to Luminosity Publishing and is a short story about an ageing fairy from the top of the Christmas Tree who is rejected by her family in favour of a shiny new angel. She goes off to a paranormal bar to drown her sorrows and sees four handsome, hunky (young) elves! So she wishes that they would notice her...

Do her wishes come true? Watch this space to find out if it is accepted (my story, that is, not the fairy's wishes!).

* * * * *

And the answer is YES! The lovely people at Luminosity came back within about 8 hours to say they read it all in one sitting and they loved it!

So, a little more about it. It is an MFMMM story (with some minor MM action in one scene - I hadn't intended on it but two of the characters were suddenly 'at it' before I noticed! Unless you are a writer, you really don't appreciate that the characters do what they will in our stories. We have no control over them!!!).

There is a lot of humour in it, eg, like why toys are made without any underwear (very useful for our fairy as it takes no time at all for the elves to whip her dress off!).

A lot of poignancy as Fay is depressed at being alone at Christmas.

And lots of Christmas references, like who mistletoe is dedicated to.

And masses of unbridled lust! (It's the season of goodwill, don't you know!)

I'll confirm release date in due course.

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