Monday, 24 August 2015

What I did on my hols...

I’m back from my hols. Had a lovely time with my great niece, Faith, who came to stay with me.

Here she is playing cafes - amusingly she said afterwards that it wasn’t as much fun as she thought it was going to be. I think she’s realised how hard it is being a waitress!

This was in a local park where I had worked out a treasure hunt with a map to take her around the park looking for things, eg, bring me back an oak leaf, how many steps are there… and so on. She is looking rather officious here. She’d be a good traffic warden one day, hehe!

Unfortunately, on the way back from the park she tripped on the pavement and went down with a bang!

It didn’t seem to worry her too much because she was soon kneeling on the ground as we planted some flowers in an area of my garden I had dug over just for her. Here she is the next day watering her newly planted garden.

Holly, my rabbit, had a great time playing with her … and chasing her around the sofa wanting the apple Faith was eating!

After Faith went home Holly was looking around for her playmate.

And being the mean mum I am, I went and left her in her cage while I visited a friend in Withernsea (East Yorkshire)!

Of course the writing got neglected… so back to the grindstone.

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  1. Your niece looks adorable - and it is hard being a waitress!