Friday, 18 March 2016

Wicked Weekends


Hott ‘N Handy by T. Lee Garland
Erotic ménage

What’s hot: Mind-blowing sex between two smoking hot fireman.

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Shelby Barton was America’s TV darling having grown up in the public eye on a much beloved soap opera. Until the day she was fired. Embarrassed, she flees to the tiny town of Nugget Knob, West Virginia, to hide out and decide what to do next. She purchases a rundown house and plots her next career move.
Adam Hott and his best friend Eli Handy are firemen who also run a home repair business, Hott ‘N Handy repairs. The two take one look at the beautiful starlet and know they want her in their beds and in their lives.
Shelby has a decision to make. Was home New York, complete with the backstabbing people and her glamorous career in daytime TV? Or was home little Nugget Knob, West Virginia, between two hot and handy men who adore her?

Wounded by Maggie Walsh (The Angel Pack 9)

What’s hot: a vamp who takes it into their head to bite during a blowjob!


King Dante places Shelby in the protective custody of the Angel Pack to guard the secret of who he truly is and what he is capable of. Shelby has known who his mate is since before he was kidnapped by his psycho father six months ago. But now he fears that being in the same house as his mate will finally show Xander who he is. He has been hiding from his mate, but now that they are face-to-face Shelby needs to stay strong and reject Xander. He can’t afford to get attached to anyone and have them turn on him when they find out the truth.

But Xander won’t give up on his mate and does everything he can to show the gorgeous man that he wants him for who he is and will never try to control him or tell him what to do. The battle to save their world explodes at the same time the battle to save his mating puts Shelby in danger.

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