Friday, 15 July 2016

Wicked Weekends


Title of book: Shifter Trials
Author: Shari Elder
Genre: Paranormal (shifters/vampires)
Type of book: Short story (16k)
Sexual orientation: MF
What’s hot: Seriously buff vampire with a secret, oozing enough dominance to win a female alpha


On the night of the full moon, any male shifter can call the Trials to race against Talia Orion, alpha of the united wolf-eagle clans. Clan law requires Talia to marry the winner of the Trials, a grueling twenty-mile marathon through dangerous, rugged terrain. The product of an unhappy political alliance masquerading as a marriage, Talia trains obsessively to ensure she avoids her parents' fate. Her newest vampire trainer, Hayden Mitchell, makes her powerful even as he knocks down her defences, and finds his way, first, into her bed, then into her heart.

Hayden has loved Talia since the first moment he saw her. As the destined rule of the vampire clan, he has anther agenda - to politically unite Talia's clans with his own - what Talia fears most, and will never forgive him for.

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Title of book: Come Aboard in Surprising Myself (anthology)
Author: Lea Bronsen
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance
Type of book: audio book/ Lea’s story is in an anthology containing other stories) anthology – 46k
Sexual orientation: MF
What’s hot: sex in public


A young American reporter travels to a port town in France to cover a yacht race. She hopes she'll be able to experience her wildest fantasy on the beach - sex in public. Due to getting on the wrong train, she has an argument with the controller, who she finds both immensely sexy and annoyingly arrogant.
When he brings her to the engine, pretending to restrain her but instead getting intimate with her, she sees the opportunity to live out her fantasy...

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Title: Mastering the Professor, Book One, Taken in Her Office
Author: A. J. Steele
Genre: BDSM erotic romance
Sexual orientation: MF
Type of book: Serial Novel
What's hot in your story?: Sex on a desk

Gage Rutherford is either Emma Burke's greatest fantasy or her worst nightmare.

Is she brave enough to discover which?

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