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First Chapters - Alien Manhunt 3

The latest in my First Chapters series is from Alien Manhunt 3


Hunted, 3 Jennifer Denys Copyright © 2015

Chapter One

“Hot stones? Why in all the worlds would anyone take a stone that has been in the sun, on the dirty ground, and rub it into another persons body? Surely it would hurt?
Suva scowled at Gregs laugh as he talked about the treatment Taran, their alien husband from the planet Cinattra, was undertaking.
He sighed. It was a perfectly sensible question. As much as Suva loved Greg, sometimes he just didnt understand the other person in their relationship, despite his telepathic abilities. Greg was the Dominant one in their threesome, and he had been keen to show his husbands around Earth, his native world, even though he hadnt been back there in years.
Wrapping an arm around Suva’s slender back, Greg pulled him close as he reached up to pull Suva’s head down for a quick, calming kiss. Suva was so much taller than either of the other two he felt like he was constantly looking down.
“You nutcase. Gregs teasing irritated Suva. These are specially smoothed stones which are heated to an acceptable temperature. First, you slaver oil onto the person and then you use the stones to rub the oil into the skin as you massage. The heat of the stones relaxes the body and helps the oil penetrate. Its a very old technique. Its one of the things I miss.”
Suva shivered and wrapped his cloak around him. It didnt sound very appealing, as any oil would clog the feathers trailing down his spine to his backside.
Come on. Lets see if Taran is finished yet. I have another surprise to show you.”
Grimacing, Suva let Greg lead him along the corridor. So far Gregs surprises hadnt been particularly delightful. As they all lived on the space station, Orion One, Suva had never been to Earth. At least this resort by the sea Greg had brought them to yesterday was more soothing to his senses than the city. Although as much as he liked looking at the rolling waves, Suva had no intention of going anywhere near the water.
“Hey, you. Stop daydreaming.”
Shaking his head to push aside those thoughts, Suva increased his pace. He soon caught up with Greg as they noticed Taran up ahead.
Suva smiled. Taran was bare-chested as usual, wearing his usual black leather skirt encrusted with jewels. This seemed incongruous with the robe and slippers he had been given at the hotel spa.
There he is. I thought he would be finished about now. Hey, Taran, how was the massage? Greg called out to Taran, who turned toward them.
Greg! Suva! My husbands.” Taran came running, jumping in the air, expecting Greg to catch him as usual.
Suva laughed as Greg staggered backwards. Taran might be the shortest, but he was the most muscular. Suva quickly moved to hold Greg upright, wrapping his long arms around both men.
Taran planted kiss after kiss all around Gregs handsome face. That was amazing. You are the devil in disguise to know how much  I would love the stone massage.”
Laughing, Greg let Taran down to the floor and tugged his long red plait, pulling his face up so he could give Taran a lingering kiss. I knew you would!
A pang of jealousy came over Suva. He adored both men and knew each of them loved the others equally, but there were times when Greg didnt seem to understand him, despite their love. He felt Greg was more attuned to Tarans emotions and needs.
Thats mean of me. Greg is still coming to terms with Tarankidnap.
Feeling guilty, Suva wrapped an arm around both men. Lifting his head, Greg smiled at Suva. I can now show you my other surprise.”
Is Suva having a massage next? Taran asked. He smiled broadly.
Suva stepped back in dismay.
Greg chuckled. Not the sort Taran just had.” Intrigued, Suva raised his eyebrows.
Wagging a finger at him, Greg said, Uh uh. Youll just have to wait.”
He then led both of them away from the treatment rooms back toward the hotel to a room that said, Relaxation Room.
Flinging open the door with a flourish, he said, Ta-dah!
Suva frowned. “”What is a ta-dah? All he could see was a large bed covered in black bed linen. It seemed a little lumpy.
Greg laughed. “You nutcase. Ta-dah’ just means look.” So, Im looking and I see a bed.
Even Taran was bemused. “You want us to have sex? How is that a surprise?
Sighing, Greg left them hovering in the doorway and walked to the bed. Close the door and come and see. He jumped backward on the bed and it rocked, back and forth like a wave.
By the Devils,” Taran said as he ran to jump onto the bed next to Greg.
The next scene was rather amusing as Tarans huge leap caused the bed to undulate violently, flinging Greg off it. Their Earth husband landed awkwardly and had to hold onto the cabinet by the bedside to avoid falling face first on the floor.
Taran. Take it easy.” Greg chuckled at the Cinattran who was bouncing in delight, his dark eyes gleaming with excitement. Tarans youth was sometimes evident.
Suva closed the door as instructed and crossed his arms, not venturing any further into the room. He might be the switch in this relationship—submissive to Greg but Dominant to Taran—but there were times when he stood his ground to both of them. What exactly is this, my husband?
Greg turned to face him. Its called a water bed.
Taran ignored Gregs command and continued to jump up and down. “And its warm.”
That flummoxed Suva.
Its filled with warm water. Its very soothing,” Greg explained.
“Okay, so I can see this is relaxing. What do you expect us to do now? Suva was very wary about getting on something he wasnt in control of. He was out of his comfort zone on Gregs planet and he didnt like it one bit, forgetting this was exactly how Greg had felt on his planet, preferring urban spaces.
Greg walked forward shucking off his tee shirt, his muscles rippling as he bared his chest. Suva felt his shaft swell at the sight and he didnt resist when Greg tugged at the long yellow coat Suva wore.
Its very simple. We all get naked now and lie on the bed.”
Taran barked a laugh. I sincerely hope you are expecting us to do more than lie on the bed.”
Greg chuckled. By now Suva and Greg had divested all their clothes. Glancing at Taran, Suva could see he was equally naked. Descending on the bed. Greg quickly climbed on, causing it to undulate once more, much to Tarans obvious enjoyment, as he laughed heartily.
Suva held back, frowning. He really was uncertain about this. Come on, slow coach. Greg patted the bed by his side. I
want your legs here, your head at the other end.” Im sorry? I dont understand.”
Taran sat up, clearly wondering what Greg had in mind, too. “You, as well, my little red one. Both of you lie with your
butts at my head. I want to suck Taran while Suva sucks me.” Their Earth husband grinned at them.
Who is going to suck me? Suva crossed his arms in annoyance.
Greg raised his eyes to the ceiling, which irritated Suva once more. Taran will reach across me and use his hands on you. And we both know what marvelous things he can do with those talons of his.”
Suva hummed as he contemplated. It sounded good, but what would make it even better was for Greg to suck him! He sighed. Threesome relationships took a lot of work.
Taran waved his arm as he moved to the bottom of the bed. Come my forest friend. This will be good.”
Tentatively kneeling on the side of the bed, Suva slowly slid onto it as Greg suggested, having to bend his legs back at the knee because they were so long. Turning on his side, he angled himself over Gregs thigh to take the Earthmans hardening cock in his mouth. Despite his misgivings about being on this water becontraption, he sighed inwardly at wrapping his mouth around Greg. It always felt right.
Suva glanced up. Taran was also on his side, a leg placed over Gregs upper body so Greg could get access to Taran’s manhood. Taran grinned at Suva and flexed a hand, his claws appearing fierce. A pang of fear went through Suva as he hoped Taran would be extra careful where he put his claws. He didnt want to have a puddle of water appearing in the middle of the bed.
Reaching over, Taran ran a hand along Suva’s flank until he came to Suva’s cock. Unlike Tarans short and very thick penis, or Gregs very pink and tasty cock, Suva’s was long, thin and pale. He jumped as Taran trailed his claws down its long length, which seemed to have a life of its own as his shaft jerked upward. He momentarily forgot about Greg as he luxuriated in Tarans action.
Suva, you seem to have stopped.”
At Gregs comment, Suva swiftly took the Earthmans penis back in his mouth, and sucked hard. And, as an added extra, he started fondling Gregs balls, squeezing them just the way he knew Greg liked. A pat on his head indicated Greg was happy with him again.
The three men continued in their blissful activity for some while. Suva felt his seed rising in his shaft and he wiggled, trying to hold back, dipping his tongue into the hole at the end of Gregs cock which always seemed to get him to come faster. It worked. Greg started jerking upward, his balls tightening. Taran climaxed first, his fist tightening around Suva as he shuddered on the other side of Gregs body.
Suddenly the bed started vibrating and Suva shot off the bed with a curse, his unspent semen dribbling down his leg. By the Forest Spirits…”
Taran sat up, the expression of bewilderment on his face turning to amusement. He then lay face down so the vibrations massaged his expended cock. “Ahhh. Can we have this devilish invention back on the space station? Please?
Greg lay back laughing, his hands going down to his own manhood to finish himself off now the threesome had been disrupted.
Suva stood there sulking. He had no intention of getting on the bed again, but felt left out of the fun his husbands were having. This is going to be a wonderful holiday.

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