Friday, 28 October 2016

Wicked Weekends

Today’s Wicked Weekends is all about Silver Desire anthology, edited by Zak Jane Keir, it focuses on the erotic possibiities and passions of older women. Each of the ten stories in this anthology centres on a woman over 50 experiencing lust, love, or both. It has M/F, mostly vanilla, and a little kink

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Age Appropriate, by Elizabeth Coldwell

Newly-widowed Molly takes a trip to Italy and finds that, though the younger men may look at her admiringly, it’s the handsome stranger of her own age who can help her recover from her loss and feel truly desirable again.

Lotus Pose by Jillian Boyd

The newest member of Gabe’s yoga class is gorgeous 50+ Vanessa. The attraction between them is instant and mutual, though both are recovering from previous hurts. Can teacher and student learn from one another?

The Checkout Line by Spencer Dryden

When a retired handyman discovers that his latest client is the former pin-up girl who fuelled his youthful fantasies, the pair spend one unforgettable, joyful afternoon together and reaffirm that there is still happiness to be found, even late in life.

Dorothy and the Scarecrow by Pepper Valentine

A chance meeting in a nightclub leads to a passionate one-night stand for a divorcee and a much younger man. Warm, witty, sensual and honest, this is a lovely story from a relatively new author.

Gloss by Charlie Powell

Sophie isn’t impressed by the mainstream media’s attitude towards a woman of her age. Is online dating really worth all the effort of trying to conform to others’ expectations? When she shows her new date something of who she really is, the results are far more exciting.

Daao Sawang (Shining Stars) by Madeleine Moore

Carl made her come for the first time back in 1969, in Thailand. Years later, Rosemary meets him again, at a party to launch her latest book, and both of them are only too eager to finish what they started the last time they saw one another.

In Beta by F. Leonora Solomon

A new dating app helps a busy executive connect with others who may share her interest in BDSM. The first time she uses it, she encounters a Dominant who gives her exactly what she wants and needs.

Soturi by Jordan Monroe

Going for a romantic break with her husband is the perfect treat for a woman recovering after cancer treatment. Alone together, they reconnect sexually and emotionally and renew their bond with one another.

Stella by Hannah Lockhardt

Former model girl Stella is still notoriously naughty, even at the age of 66. When her neighbour, Brian, who is trapped in a miserable marriage, accepts her invitation to a barbecue, the sparks are certainly going to fly.

The Boys In The Band by Zak Jane Keir

Back in the 80s, Martha was obsessed with minor rock star Darren, but she had to leave the music scene behind due to family problems. Now Darren’s playing a low-key reunion gig – what might happen when she sees him again?

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