Monday, 3 October 2016

Plotting stories: utilising previous ideas

Plotting stories: Utilising previous ideas

I love that moment when you include something in a story that later on you find another use for. Sometimes it is back story for your character that you randomly chose at the time but it becomes important to the character later, sometimes it is world building that you realise can be used for something else you hadn’t considered at the time, sometimes an object, location or characterisation can be utilised again but each time it is a eureka moment/a *fist pump* moment.

Why am I jumping up and down like a child who has just got the toy she wanted? Well, I am doing a fantasy children’s story and I have invented an island that one of the characters (a fairy) accidentally gets teleported to which disappears when the mist comes in and people are never seen again and the character in question has to make a quick exit.

THEN, I was plotting the end scenes when the evil humans come to take over their land and thinking of ways the good guys could have of defeating the humans and I suddenly thought of the mysterious island and how some of the humans could have landed on the island and be there when the mist comes in!

YES!! *big grin* I am wicked!

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