Monday, 20 February 2017

Short story or long?

Short story or long?

I had finished my latest story (To Claim a Mate - an MM BDSM wolf shifter story), written for an anthology. However, when I got there I decided it felt more like a longer story. My short stories usually depict an episode in the characters’ romance, but this was telling the whole journey! Also, it was all in the point of view of the alpha wolf/Dominant and the submissive was crying (literally!) to have his point of view told!

So… I’ve decided not to submit it for the anthology but to extend it. So you have to wait a little longer, I’m afraid. Thankfully it is working quite easily to add in extra chapters with Jared’s POV and, at the same time, expand the plot.

There is also something else that may come out of this story… but you’ll have to wait for that announcement!

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