Monday, 27 February 2017

What I got from my parents

There's an advert on tv where three or four women talk about what they got from their mothers, e.g., a sense of adventure for one person. So I was thinking about my parents.

From Mum I got a love of tradition, a sense of responsibility, a love of gambling and playing games, e.g., cards & board games, a love of reading, in particular romance (I think mum would have been the first person to read my stories if she was still alive!), and my creativity - she was always knitting, crocheting and doing tapestry. And my political preferences.

From Dad, I got the ability to be happy in my own company, a love of watching sport (as those of you know from my comments about the Olympics), my cultural tastes, eg, film & music, my love of walking, an interest in gaining knowledge on whatever subject takes my fancy, and a love of dance.

What did you get from your parents?

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