Friday, 3 February 2017

Wicked Weekends


Title: Branding Grayson

Author: Tatum Throne

Genre: BDSM/Cowboys

Sexual Orientation: MM

Type of story: Novella

What’s hot?: Bondage and spanking


Grayson Peters has spent too many years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. After his conviction is overturned, Gray quickly discovers that the small town of Eagle Pass wants nothing to do with him. As he tries to get back on his feet, the harassment starts.

Border agent Zeke Fields has been asked by Director Peters to protect his son, who has just gotten out of prison. As he watches over Gray, it’s not long before Zeke wants something more. Zeke is a Dom who wants to take Gray on as his submissive. But as he tries to hold on tighter, Gray begins to pull away. Will his sub ever trust him enough to let go of his past?

Life for Gray is a hot mess. But as he pushes Zeke away, he quickly discovers that he wants more out of life. Will Zeke forgive him before it’s too late?

Title: Undone by Destiny

Author: Allyson Young

Genre: Shifter romance with a twist

Sexual Orientation: MF

Type of story: Novella

What’s hot?: Make up sex


Desiree lost her heart to Tahl before he moved away, pursuing a redheaded shifter. Devastated, she somehow managed to hope he got what he needed. Except, being part Fae, she now believes she’s cursed him. Tahl has returned, unmated, refusing to share what transpired.

When Tahl pursues her, realizing what she has always meant to him, Desi desperately avoids, her guilt—and refusal to be second choice—a deterrent to her heart. Her twenty-fifth birthday approaches, and hot from the chase, Tahl corners her. He triggers her heat and she must allow him to assuage it, however outraged and resentful she might be.

The redhead follows Tahl, refusing to accept his mating—he can’t be bonded should his mate die... The males fail to thwart the nefarious plan, and the true nature of both females is revealed. Only one bitch can win and keep Tahl’s heart, and Desi won’t lose.

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Title of book: Free Spirit

Author: Andi Bremner

Genre: Contemporary

Type of book: Novella

Sexual orientation: MF


How much of your heart would you give if you knew how short life could be?

Juliette Reynolds knows that life is a precious gift that could be snatched away at any moment. A survivor of childhood leukemia she lives her life seeking fun, adventure and love at every turn making no commitments and never settling in one place for too long in her quest to experience life to the fullest. Her latest adventure has bought her to Myrtle Beach where she meets Noah Daniels.  Having lost his wife in a freak boating accident three years ago Noah also knows how quickly life can be sucked away.

But Juliette, with her zest for life and eternal optimism, is determined to wake Noah up and bring him back into the world of the living.  That is, until it seems like living is what she might not get to do.
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