Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fourth book has been accepted

Yeah! My fourth book Submissive Training has been accepted by Siren Publishing for release in February. This is the sequel to The Submission Challenge. So at today’s date I have two books out (Just Good Friends and The Submission Challenge) and two books due out in the New Year – the other one being Friendly Seduction coming out in January.

I actually found the latest book, Submissive Training, the easiest to write. I have no particular reason why it should be. However, when it came to proof-reading and doing the tidying up process of making sure I hadn’t given the same character different names I hit problems.  The main characters are at a conference so there have to be those people/delegates who ask questions that you don’t know and have no idea of their name. My previous books were very limited in the numbers of secondary characters so I hadn’t had this problem before. And now I had tertiary characters in addition to those I had planned as my secondary characters.

My worry was whether it is too confusing for the reader to have these tertiary characters without giving them all a personality? There was also the problem of keeping track of everyone as there were parallel workshops taking place so not every delegate at this conference was going to be in the same workshop at the same time. In some ways it is a good thing I have experience of events management!

In future if I am going to write my characters into a public situation like this I intend to keep a separate profile for each secondary/tertiary character that I write in order to keep track of them, even if it is something as simple as ‘annoying woman who attends workshop 1’ so that I don’t suddenly make them into ‘kind woman’ later in the story or have them in two sessions at the same time.

(By the way - just had my first reader's review - well, reviews. 

There is one for each of my first two books and I am very pleased with both of them, particularly for The Submission Challenge. The reader says that the first one is not as 'hot' as the second and that is fine as it wasn't meant to be.The first series is sweeter, more romantic. The second series more sexy. Although the reader hasn't quite realised that they are the first two books in two separate series although as you will see when the next two books are out that they have cross-over characters. Anyhow I am delighted.).


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