Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday writing

I recently came across some old notebooks from my English classes at school - I’ve kept very few things from school but held onto these because I had written several love stories in them that my English teacher seemed to love. I recall ignoring the set homework criteria and writing my stories instead!

You have to realise I was about age 13 then and my hormones were going potty and I had discovered love – not that I had a boyfriend, I just discovered love as an emotion, a concept.

The stories are quite amusing – there is one where the characters ‘kissed for an hour’! That was all they did – just kissed. And I certainly would have been grossed out at that age had I known tongues get involved. My image of a good kiss was something out of the classic Hollywood films my Dad and I loved to watch where the hero placed his lips on hers without moving and they closed their eyes as if swooning in bliss.

Thankfully my stories these days are a little more imaginative...

The extract below also amused me – for some reason I was doing a steamboat story (I had probably just watched ‘Showboat’ or something like it). All I can say is that the kiss must have been really something if they got married shortly afterwards!



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