Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Extract from latest book

I promised you an extract from my latest book, The Submission Challenge. Here it is:

Jon chuckled. It was nice to get back to the Rebecca he knew. He was used to her having an opinion on pretty much everything. He had missed this, he realized in surprise, when he insisted she be submissive—even missed the times they argued. “Unnatural for you, maybe, but when a sub makes those positions, she is showing her Dom she is willing and trusting and looking forward to whatever he plans to do.”
“I’ll remain unconvinced on that one.”
He smiled, knowing she would have found the activities of the last few hours hard to take—hard to fight off arousal as much as hard to accept being submissive.
She suddenly stated, “You really enjoy doing this, don’t you?”
“Yeah. Hasn’t that been obvious all these years?” He chuckled.
“No, you idiot, I mean the teaching or training side of things.”
“Hm, I’m ignoring the fact you called me an idiot at the moment, but yes, you’re right. I do like teaching new subs.”
Grinning, she seemed pleased to get one back on him.
“Moving on. You’ve also experienced being naked constantly and touched intimately. That opens up limitless opportunities for sensuality.”
“More likely opportunities for hypothermia.” She laughed at his expression of long suffering and teased, “How do you manage in winter?”
“Two words—central heating.”
“Oh, ha-ha!”
He laughed. He was enjoying their banter. Somehow it was different from the past, possibly because of the intimacy they had experienced. It was also different from training new subs who usually had no desire to analyze the experience, they just did what he told them.


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