Monday, 26 November 2012

Inspirational Mondays

Okay readers, I need help. I have submitted my latest story (more about that on Weds) – the first in a new series set around a werewolf BDSM club! And I have no idea what to do next so you get the chance to help me decide.

Here are your options. Let me know which you would like me to work on next and the one that gets the most votes I promise to do next!! Voting ends by 31 November.

a)    A Champagne Friday reunion – this brings together all the characters from the Friends and Doms series ten years on and how life isn’t what they expected. This story shows how the women make a pact to recreate the things that made them fall in love in the first place.

b)    Sci-fi alien abduction comedy – I haven’t got a title for this one yet but it is what happens if the woman being abducted is an older feisty woman who doesn’t give into the demands of the alien insisting she be his mate that easily!

c)    Retraining the Dom – the sequel to Retraining the Sub which will be about Master Trey. Although no ideas for what will happen and how he will get retrained!!

d)    The next in the Duoterra series – no title but it will be about Kara who appears in Chasing Emily, the woman who ran away from the brothel and who hates men!

e)    The next in the Weres of Europe series written with fellow writer Susan Laine – this will probably follow the further adventures of Summer, Levi and Rik – but we will see. Let me know if you would rather it be about different characters.

f)     The next in The Haunt of the Wolves – this one is likely to be purely werewolves and no humans and about Evie.

g)    An FMF story about sisters who fight over the same man! Or I might just make it friends and make it FFM?

h)   Story entitled ‘Submissive Tryouts’. No idea of the story!!

i)     Werewolf series set in Medieval Wales called ‘Werewolf County’ at the moment. I keep putting this one off because of the amount of research I have to do!



  1. My vote is ... Retraining the Dom. :D

  2. I'm in the same boat right now - just subbed a novel and now I'm floundering around. If you're anything like me, your choice will end up being None of the Above because something will hit out of the blue. When it does - run with it!

    And if it doesn't, my pick is B. I like comedy, SF, and feisty older characters.

  3. I loved Retraining the Sub so I am voting for Retraining the Dom!

  4. Okay, I can't decide between B and G.

    I like B because it sounds like it could be funny (and somehow sounds like the personality of a certain author I know ;).

    I like G except make it FFM. Not enough girl-on-girl action out there!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Yup, the heroine in B is intended to be pure 'me'!!!!! Noted re: FFM story......

  5. Retraining the Dom takes my vote. BDSM is something you have a great handle of, Jen, not to mention willful women in need of a strong, masculine hand :)