Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wednesday Writing

The second in the sci-fi series, Duoterra, namely ‘Chasing Emily’ is now available at Amazon  or Barnes and Noble – but you will also be interested to learn that Siren Publishing have brought out a paperback combination of the first two stories in the Duoterra series – ‘Wife for Three’ and ‘Chasing Emily’ also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

To remind you – Duoterra is a colony planet and the stories are set some sixty years after colonists have landed when the original resources have run out and they have to make, sew, reap, grow to keep themselves alive. But there are few women on this planet to due death in childbirth, disease and injury so women have become something of a commodity and a law has been passed that all unmarried women have to take out a marriage contract with one or more men.

In Wife for Three Brianna runs away from her uncle who plans to sell her off to someone she dislikes and answers an advert for a ‘wife for three brothers’. Is she jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?

In Chasing Emily, the heroine of the title is an older feisty woman who enjoys sexual dalliances with the young men of the area but when caught she is told she must marry which upsets one of her young men and she decides the only thing to do it is flee town.


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