Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday Writing

Pop over to Delphina’s blog to see a joint post I wrote with my co-author, Susan Laine, about ‘The Last Werewolf’ and Delphina’s review of the book.

I was particularly delighted that she picked up on the ‘animal’ aspects stating: ‘It was different because the writers really took into consideration the animal nature of a were. There were subtleties throughout this book that really made it seem more like it was about weres than it was about people who happened to have a magical ability to change once and while.  I really enjoyed that about this book.’

This was great because the animal nature of a shifter is something that fascinates me and we had spent a lot of time researching wolf behaviour and took pains to include it within our story, other than the obvious items like them having fur, fangs and claws, and so had instances where a werewolf had to contend with being on all fours instead of upright and so were disorientated, their sense of smell being more acute, nuzzling another’s face, hackles being raised, scent marking, and so on.

She also said she is keen to see what happens to the main characters after the story finishes. Ah well….. that is likely to be the subject of the sequel! So watch this space.


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