Monday, 12 November 2012

Inspirational Mondays

Travelling can be a great way to inspire story ideas:

This is a theatre in Charleston. The story that comes to mind is one character, let’s say, the hero, returning to the place where he was left standing jilted many years before and he just happens to see the same woman coming out of the theatre….

Or maybe when fooling around for the camera having asked a cop to take a photo of her at this fountain in Cincinnati the heroine falls in the water and the cop helps her out….

Or while driving in a strange country (in this case Finland) having got lost the heroine thinks she sees a man turn into a wolf…..

Or while visiting a colonial plantation house in South Carolina the hero sees a face at the window but there is no-one there except the ghost of the house…..

Or the owner of this European villa is angry that a tourist is taking photos of his house but when he confronts her she is the image of his late wife…..

Or when the heroine is kidnapped and tied to a tree as a joke by friends on Halloween she meets up with a demon……



  1. Wow great inspiration!! Love your pictures!!! Have a great week!