Monday, 20 May 2013

Inspirational Mondays

I was intrigued to read this new article recently (I didn’t know dating sites had research teams!!!):

The research arm of dating site OKCupid looked at 500,000 first contacts and concluded that "netspeak, bad grammar and bad spelling are huge turn-offs". The biggest passion killers were "ur", "r", "u", "ya" and "cant". Also damaging to online suitors were "luv" and "wat".
On the other hand, correct use of apostrophes was appealing. Using "don't" and "won't" caused better than average response rates - 36% and 37% respectively, according to the research.

Food for thought. Except it hasn’t helped me. In the year I was on I didn’t have a single person contact me – despite using the correct apostrophes with no abbreviations!!!!!


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