Friday, 10 May 2013

Rabbit Fridays

As part of my Rabbit Fridays blogs – my friend and fellow writer, Tatum Throne, is another human owned by a rabbit (!) and is easily distracted from her writing by her own bunny, too.

Coco is almost a year old. My oldest son got him for his birthday last August. I spent three weeks litter box training him. Notice how I say, I spent three weeks training him? I knew we’d have to keep him in a cage if we didn’t get him trained. I really wanted to make Coco part of the family. So, Coco is trained and has taken over my office. I had to move my desk out of my office space because Coco kept trying to play with me when I was working.

I won’t go into the long list of things Coco has damaged as I’m sure my three boys have done much worse to our house. :o) My boys can’t have cats or dogs due to allergies, but they can have our bunny. Coco loves to groom us. We lay down on the floor and he walks around and on us, grooming our hair and giving us kisses. Coco is very independent. He doesn’t like it when you take control of him. He loves to make his own decisions. Did I mention that he’s terrified of outside? He hides on our lap when we take him for a walk.

If you’re thinking about getting a bunny, be prepared to be owned. Jennifer warned me, but I didn’t listen. We’re not dog or cat people, but we are bunny people.

Tatum Throne


  1. Thanks for having us on today! Coco is starting to get a little bit of a following here! LOL...