Friday, 17 May 2013

Rabbit Fridays

I’ve had a few pet rabbit tales for the past few ‘Rabbit Fridays’ – now here’s one about the ‘other’ type of rabbit! This is a guest post from fellow writer, Raven McAllen.

My friend got a very interesting phone call from her son's nursery school.
"Mrs. B? Would you like to nip down and collect your son's dinosaur? He's brought it in for show and tell." My friend said there was a definite giggle in the teacher’s tone. My friend was puzzled, because as far as she knew her son didn't have a dinosaur. She said that to the teacher, who did giggle then, and replied, "Yes, that's what I mean. It's very pink and still in the wrapper."
So my friend, who still didn't have a clue about this dinosaur went along to the school, to be met by a somewhat embarrassed teacher who handed over a brand new pink rabbit vibrator, still in its packaging. My friend's son had been into her closet and seen it on the shelf.
As she said later, thank God it was the new unused one!

Thanks, Raven! Look out for another one from Raven on the subject of rabbits in a few weeks…..


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  1. and no, 'my friend' is not a euphemism for me. Mine was well hidden!!!