Monday, 17 June 2013

Inspirational Mondays

 To get inspiration for my books I like to try out new things for myself. This recently included 'Food Play'! Although I got the impression that the person I did it with was humouring me, particularly when I asked for my favourite foods, eg, strawberries, maple syrup, strawberry ice cream, and they started to be all red .... So I made the rest of the meal red too, eg, ham, salami, red peppers, carrots,  red lettuce, etc, etc! (Or in the red/orange spectrum).

So what food is erotic? – well, just getting chocolates is romantic but if you want to be erotic then as they are melting it’s great for licking off the fingers of another person or eating from their lips. Even more fun if your hands are tied behind your back. (Yes I know chocs are not red but the colour brown is made of RED and green..... - and anyway, they came in a red box)

Feeding someone else can be fun, sensuous, teasing. Being blindfolded and then fed adds an element of excitement, and submission, since you don't know what you are being fed and you have to trust the person feeding you.

Dipping a cherry tomato into olive oil dressing before rubbing over the other person's lips before feeding it to them is fun (and I always find the texture of oil on the lips VERY sensuous!)

If you place the food elsewhere on the skin and lick or eat it off them, you can guess how exciting that can be. *grin*

Something we could have tried would have been to drop some of the strawberry ice cream onto the body before licking it off thereby getting a cold and hot sensation! (The flavour would make no difference except to the person doing the licking, naturally!!!)

I have it on good authority that strawberries make good lubricant!!!!

(Mash it on your hands and then use your hands …..) Maple syrup, on the other hand is a bit too sticky but the two together make for a very sweet kiss.


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