Friday, 30 August 2013

Weekend reading

Here are this week's weekend reading recommendations. Enjoy!

Title of book: Dark Caress

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Paranormal (vampires/fallen angels/elementals)/BDSM

Main characters: Kane (The leader of the Fallen, long dark hair to his shoulders, angular chiselled face, beautiful, wide shoulders) and Amber Steele (an elemental but also a police detective, athletic, generous curves, gold eyes)

Setting:  contemporary, South Carolina

Length: 39,970

Synopsis: Elemental, Amber Steele, has been kidnapped by vampire warriors. Kane, Leader of the Fallen, is a Dom cursed by Fate to learn how to love. He sends for Amber. Afraid of opening her heart, Amber gives Kane her body to dominate. She quickly finds her heart submitting to the lonely warrior too.
What's Hot?: Tattoos, bondage, sex while levitated!

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Title of book: Chasing Matt

Name of author: Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

Genre: m/m erotica, romance

Main characters: Chase, late 20’s tall, dark and gawkward. Matt, early 30’s, tall broad shouldered and er nurse

Setting: Modern Day ER, Chase’s Apartment

Length: 16,920

Synopsis: Chase Williams is a gorgeous shy web designer whose boyfriend dumped him for being “nice”. Instead of meeting buddies, he helps his neighbor with a DIY project. When it leads to a trip to the ER he meets nurse Matt Owens. Will Matt’s attraction to Chase be enough?

What's Hot?: m/m Oral, anal sex

Title of book: Master's Pet

Name of author: Jan Bowles
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary, BDSM
Main characters: Cole Rossi - 36, Dom, owns his own construction company, needs to teach Jessica a tough lesson. / Jessica Summers - 28, submissive, fears her past, until forced to face it by Cole
Setting: Modern day. Club Submission in Boston.
Length: 30k
Synopsis: Cole loves Jessica. She’s been his for the last three years. When Jessica’s former master, returns to Club Submission, their idyllic D/s relationship is thrown into turmoil. 
Unsettled by events, Cole uses tough love. Will his strategy work, or will it drive Jessica straight into the arms of his rival?
What's Hot?: Spanking, pussy caning, sex toys


  1. Hi, Jennifer. I'm gonna seek out Tatum's new romance because sex while levitated sounds like a must read!

    I love the cover, too, Tatum, it's fabulous.

  2. Hi Jan! Thanks so much! :o) I can't wait to read Master's Pet! Thanks for having me on today, Jennifer!

  3. Dark Caress is well worth the read! It's imaginative and hot. Tatum Throne is a great writer :)