Friday, 23 August 2013

Weekend Reading

Title of book: The Sextet Presents...Playing in the Raine: A Toy Story

Name of author: Mellanie Szereto

Genre: Contemporary MMMF

Main characters: Raine – 38 years old, strong, independent, adventurous, has an extensive collection of sex toys; Vince – 28 years old, math PhD student, sculptor, serious and reserved, bisexual; Rafe – 27 years old, philosophy PhD student, cellist, studious but fun, bisexual; Matt – 24 years old, art Master’s student, painter, playful and flirtatious, bisexual

Setting: a fictional college town

Length: 23,644 words

Synopsis: Thirty-eight-year-old Raine Michaels has had enough of men her age dumping her for barely legal babes, so she answers three personal ads in hopes of finding herself a boy-toy. She doesn’t count on Vince Niccolo, Rafe Leonard, and Matt Augustine all wanting to fill the position in a permanent way.

What's Hot?: masturbation, anal sex, triple penetration, MM sex, sex toys

Title of book: Hard & Raw

Name of author: Susan Laine

Genre: Cowboys/Western, BDSM, Ménage a Trois (MMM)

Main characters: Noah, 20s, baker, shy, submissive, geeky with glasses. Jake, 30s, cowboy, Dom, sweet, ruggedly handsome blond. Michael, 30, bad boy biker, Dom, tall, dark, dangerous.

Setting: Contemporary, BDSM club, ranch, garage, bakery.

Length: 61K

Synopsis: One Wyoming winter night, baker Noah Appleton breaks his delivery van—and meets Jake Harding, a sweet cowboy-mechanic, and his best friend and business partner, Michael Rawlins, a seductive bad boy biker. Both men are tops and Doms. In their company, Noah learns pleasure slavery at a BDSM club, a ranch, and a garage.

What's Hot?: Food play at a BDSM club, Bondage sex on a motorcycle, Prolonged usage of sex toys.

Title of Book: The Schoolteacher and the Dom
Name of Author: Ella Grey
Genre: BDSM
Main Characters: Alex Winchester (mid 30s) Owner of the Black Rose Club and Nola Pryce (mid 20s) English Teacher.
Setting: New York, BDSM
Length: 12.5k
Synopsis: Nola Pryce didn’t expect much to happen over the Christmas holidays. She planned on spending it alone, eating too much chocolate and watching bad TV. She certainly didn’t expect Alex, a man with a secret that’s sure to change her life—if she lets it.
What's Hot: A sexy Dom looking for a woman to call his own.

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