Monday, 26 August 2013

What's Doing?

I am going to looking at posts on my blog that are the most popular.

Top at the moment is Nude & Erotic photos. This one has attracted something like 60+ pageviews in the past week and over 2,000 since it went up a year ago. I wrote it as part of a series of posts highlighting different things I had featured in my Friends & Acquaintances and Doms & Acquaintances series following on from my own experience when I had some erotic photos taken for my 50th birthday to prove I could still be sexy despite middle aged body issues.

I am not surely sure people coming to my blog looking for nude pics are particularly looking for pics of a 50 year old……

Interestingly this one and Erotic Movie Scenes are the two most popular blog posts of all time on my blog, both attracting way way more page views than any other page, although the movie scenes one hasn’t been popular lately (this one was taken from ‘Friend of Foe’ where the heroine was writing her first erotic romance using erotic scenes from movies like when Richard Gere has sex with Julia Roberts on the piano in ‘Pretty Woman’.

Next time – Fictional BDSM versus Real Life BDSM.


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