Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday Writing

This is the first of the character profiles from the main characters featured in my published books.

Character profile:

Name – Luke/Lucas (the latter is his BDSM name)

Book – Retraining the Sub

Love interest – Ann/Annabel (who originally jilted him at the altar)

Age – 31 (23 in opening scene)

Hair/eyes - dark blond, cut military short (used to curl on neck in opening scene), blue eyes.

Height/weight - About 6ft in. Now muscular torso (used to be thinner).

Looks - Handsome but now has hard arrogant face.

Other – He had been a Dom six years when the story starts in the current day.

Review (from Nocturne Romance Reads Reviews):

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is set mainly within a BDSM club and presents several activities which are carefully explained both how and why. Someone curious about BDSM would enjoy what this book has to offer.
I absolutely love both main characters. I admire Ann, and can relate with her very well. She is someone who went with the flow of life, but when it came down to a big decision she knew she wasn’t ready and she took off to find herself. She is someone who wants to be dominated/topped, but not hurt. She has limits and she has a backbone to stick-up for herself. Then Luke enters the scene in all his magnificent sexy power. They are both looking for something, and they find it in each other. She can’t trust any master because they are too rough, he is too rough because he doesn’t care about anyone. The chemistry between them is explosive.

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