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Here is the first chapter of my book out in Oct - 'Retraining the Dom'. It recently was voted runner up in the 'Sexiest Scene' category in Evernight Publishing's Readers Awards.

If you like it and want to buy it, there are links at the end.

Battle of Wills, 2
Jennifer Denys
Copyright © 2013


Sean grimaced as he warily watched the “play” taking place in the room. He was the owner of Club Allure, one of the most successful BDSM clubs in the city, popular because he had a policy of careful practice on the premises.
His eyes narrowed as they alighted on Master Trey, one of his long-standing Doms who was in his forties. Trey was in his usual stark black outfit, matching his hair, and was very stubborn and moody. Like now, Trey had his naked sub tied over a spanking bench and was hitting her with a crop. There was nothing unusual in that since sadomasochism was an element of BDSM that many practitioners took part in, but in this case Trey was possibly being too forceful given the look of agony on the sub’s face.
Like all subs she had the option of saying her safe word if she’d had enough. But in the meantime Sean was keeping a close eye on them, ready to jump in if—when—necessary like he’d had to do the other night with this very Dom.
Sean glanced down at the document in his hands and frowned.

Retraining Program (Doms)

Dammit! How on earth was he going to tell Trey, one of the most powerful Doms that Sean had ever come across, that he had to go on the club’s Retraining Program?
He considered why he let Trey continue his membership and shook his head in bewilderment. Trey might be arrogant, callous, and inflexible, but it was those qualities that some subs, particularly those into pain play, looked for in a Master. There is no accounting for some people’s tastes. Sean sighed, suspecting that there was a competition amongst the subs to see if any of them could warm the icy heart of this Dom, who was in danger of being thrown out.
“Hey, Sean. Seems like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.” A deep voice interrupted his musings as a tall, well built woman in her early fifties came and sat next to him at the bar.
“Oh, hi, Olivia. I surely do.” Olivia Redmond was one of his mature Dommes. Now why can’t Trey be more like her? She sticks to the rules. Sean shrugged to himself. Sometimes she was too much a stickler for doing things properly, but at least he didn’t get any complaints about her treatment of the subs.
“What’s up? Can I help?”
He chuckled sarcastically. “Yeah, sure. You can go and tell Trey that he has to go on the Retraining Program.” Sean didn’t expect her, for an instant, to comply with his request.
Instead she burst into laughter. “You have to be kidding! Trey on the Program. Mister Control himself.” She continued her chortling, attracting the gazes of all those nearby. Olivia was a loud person, and not only in what she wore, which on this occasion was a red leather top that barely kept her voluptuous chest covered revealing the outline of a tattoo over her right breast. Sean had often wondered what the full tattoo was a picture of. The top was teamed with a matching pair of tight trousers and five inch stiletto heels. This made her tower over Sean, despite the fact that he was fairly tall himself. She was also loud in her mannerisms. One could never lose Olivia in a crowd. If you didn’t see her a mile away, you would certainly hear her.
Fortunately, Trey wasn’t close enough to hear her outburst, but Sean still shushed her.
She simply raised an eyebrow, before continuing in a slightly quieter voice. “So how’s the Retraining Program going?”
Sean had instigated the program to ensure the high standards of the club were kept. These not only included safe BDSM practices, but also members respecting one another so all could enjoy the lifestyle. There was a similar program for subs. He recalled one particular couple it had worked out really well for, that of Master Lucas and his sub, Annabel—now his wife.
Turning to look for them he saw that Lucas had tied Annabel to a table, which was set in the middle of an alcove. Many Doms liked using this table to place their sub flat on the surface. In this instance, Lucas had Annabel face up, and her blouse was undone. Between a gap in the crowd surrounding them Sean could see the Dom was running an ice-cube over his sub’s torso from her lips down her neck and breasts to her navel and back. Sean smiled as Lucas tormented Annabel’s nipples. Squirming madly, she was shrieking at him, but Sean knew she didn’t mean him to stop. Annabel would be the first person to use her safe word.
She had gotten into a habit of misusing her “word”, yelling it every time she began to lose control of a situation, unable to trust any Dom enough to let go. This had been a deep-seated problem going back to her domineering parents and not wanting to give anyone that degree of control over her ever again.
Until Lucas had come along.
Sean watched Lucas as he leaned down to suck Annabel’s tightly puckered points and saw her arch her body off the table. Lucas had been the only one of Sean’s Doms prepared to train her, but it turned out he had his own agenda, as Annabel had jilted him at the altar several years previously and Lucas wanted his revenge. She had balked at first, but it was be retrained by Lucas, or leave the club. She had chosen the former, and, despite Lucas wielding his cane against her backside with great delight, it was he who very nearly walked out when he recognized that they still had feelings for each other, as he had difficulties trusting as well. Fortunately, they resolved their issues, and Sean had never heard Annabel cry her safe word again.
The sound of a voice penetrated his daydream. It was Olivia repeating her question. “Sorry.” Sean explained further at her questioning look. “Didn’t you hear about the incident the other night?” Olivia shook her head. “Trey totally lost it. He was punishing his sub and went hell for leather at her, swearing, calling her all sorts of names. We had to pull him off before he did permanent physical damage.”
“Ker-rist!” Olivia was clearly shocked. She rarely swore, and then only when she was riled.
“Respect works both ways. Yes, a sub has to respect her Dom, but he has to return it. That’s the problem with Trey. He doesn’t care about his subs, neither their physical well-being nor their emotional.”
“Good luck telling him this.” Olivia’s misgiving was obvious.
Sean harrumphed and shifted in his seat trying to ease the tension in his shoulders.
Olivia frowned. “What are the options if he doesn’t go through with the Program?” She answered her own question. “I guess he has to leave, and that will affect his reputation in the community, so no one will want to sub with him again, if another club will let him in,
that is.”
Shrugging in response, Sean turned to glance at the object of their discussion, who was having a debate with one of the Club’s Monitors tasked with keeping an eye on the recalcitrant Dom that evening. Sean sighed.
“That’s the crux of it. He could advertise for a sub, but chances are any reputable sites won’t take his advert. Of course, there are the less-than-desirable sites. I worry that he’ll take a sub on privately and get carried away with no-one around to stop him. At least here we can keep an eye on him.”
Leaning back against the counter of the bar, Olivia replaced a clip to restrain a wayward curl. She always kept her long, dark hair tied back neatly giving her a severe look. “How about a warning to see if that will curb his excesses?”
“Done that.”
“Hmm.” She made a face. “Well, I know the air would turn blue if you tried putting a Master in charge of Trey’s retraining, if not murder committed on the premises.” She laughed at the image she had conjured up.
“Yup. Try telling me something new. Or even better come up with a solution.” Sean could hear the desperation in his own voice.
Olivia was silent for a few moments as she seemed to think through the dilemma. “Okay, how about teaming him with someone physically strong enough that he will think twice, like Mike?” A wrestler by profession, Mike was built like a brick wall.
“I asked. He won’t do it. And I agree. They’d just kill each other.”
A few more seconds went by, and then she said, “Here’s another idea. How about a using female, one of the Mistresses, but a resilient one? One he can’t dominate even if she is a Dominatrix. It’s more subtle than using a Dom.”
Sean stared at Olivia in astonishment. She wasn’t looking at him, but he knew that was exactly what he needed. “That is absolutely brilliant! And I’ve got just the person in mind.”
She swiveled her head around to look at him. “Who?”

He grinned at her. “So what are you doing at this moment?”


  1. This book was sooo good!! It was fun watching Olivia and Trey go through the retraining program. Sean is so funny!