Wednesday, 9 April 2014

History, daffodils and chocolate!

History, daffodils and chocolate galore!

I live close to York which is FULL of wonderful history (which I am passionate about). I had a friend visit recently (Stef is also one of my fans and the first person I told when my first book was accepted!) and took her on a tour of the city (this was her second tour as she had visited previously but there is only so much you can show on one tour!).

Here’s us on the city walls (longest city walls in England and it was just the right time of year to visit as the daffodils – planted all around the walls in the 1960s-90s were just coming out).

And it wasn’t only daffodils that were out. This was taken in the gardens of Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate.

This one has York Minster in the background (biggest Gothic Cathedral north of the Alps, apparently, with the largest medieval stained glass window anywhere in the world).

Having visited the Chocolate Story (and got to make our own chocolate lollies – anyone visiting will discover York has quite a history of chocolate with Rowntree’s and Terry’s factories in the past and now with Nestle), we then walked up 275 spiral stone steps to the top of the Minster Tower. It was a shame it was so hazy as the views as fabulous!

This is looking down on the Minster Gardens from the top of the Tower – you can see more city walls.

After doing the Railway Museum the next morning before Stef departed, I then waved her off and collapsed in a heap at home (eating my chocolate lolly!).



  1. I love your pictures and it sounded like a really fun visit!