Friday, 25 April 2014

Weekend Reading Recommendations

Sex swings, hot tubs and food play - here's this weekend's reading recommendations!:

Title of book: Training Grant

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: MM/Contemporary/BDSM

Main characters: Dom, Detective Jack Shallow. Age: 34. Hair: Blond. Eyes: Blue. Height 6'. Weight: 175. Muscular and tall.

Sub, Grant Anderson. Age: 32. Hair: Black. Eyes: Blue. Height: 5'11". Weight 170. Muscular.

Setting:  Cincinnati, Ohio 

Length: 32,300

Synopsis: Grant Anderson doesn't plan on staying in Cincinnati long. he's only come home to confront the father he's never known. When he tries to leave, Detective Jack Shallow refuses to let him go. Jack is a Dom who wants Grant as his sub. Will Grant have him or leave town?

What's Hot?: The Sex Swing!

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Title of book: The Secret Agent’s Captive

Name of author: Jan Bowles

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic, Suspense

Main characters: 
Mitch Brenna, 39, Dark hair, Blue eyes, 6ft 3in, 200lbs of pure muscle

Hannah Philips, 27, Dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, 5ft 4in, 120lbs

Setting:  Log cabin in Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington State

Length: 40k

In need of some solitude, Hannah Philips heads toward her parents' cabin not expecting to find a complete stranger on the run from police. When two people from different worlds unavoidably collide, sparks fly as suspicion and sexual desire battle for supremacy. 

What's Hot?: Sex over the kitchen table, with a good helping of maple syrup and butter. And that isn't for their pancakes either 

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Title of book: Surrender Sweet Succubus

Name of author: Jewel Quinlan

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Description of main characters:

Dr Stephen Wallace, fertility specialist, Australian, brown hair, hazel eyes and he's also a shaman.

Geneva, auburn hair, green eyes, free spirited, worldly and also a succubus.

Setting: Las Vegas, NV

Length: Novella, 20k

Blurb: Dr. Stephen Wallace must call upon his skills as a shaman to help his relatives conceive a child. He goes to Las Vegas on a slim lead to capture a succubus who he hopes has the power to help. But when he meets Geneva, he finds himself being captured instead...

What's hot: Sex in a hot tub

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  1. Three more awesome books to read!!! All of these sound so good!!!

  2. I didn't know what to do this weekend, now I do! Thanks, Jennifer for revealing some great weekend reads.