Friday, 4 April 2014

Weekend Reading Recommendations

Wow! This week's selection includes sex on a deck near a forest, spanking by two massive Doms and a hot wax scene in a bathtub *wave hand in front of face to cool down*

Title of book: Tracking Maddox (Wild Wolves 1)

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf/BDSM/MM

Main characters: Maddox Chambers - A super sexy detective who is looking into disappearances within the forest.

Kade Ronan - A really hot Pack leader and protector of the Black Forest.

Setting:  The Black Forest, Northern California

Length: 33k

Blurb: When Maddox Chambers is caught trespassing on wolf territory, pack leader Kade Ronan is forced into action. Kade knows that the only way to protect this stranger from the wild wolves it to take Maddox on as his sub. Kade is a Dom who wants Maddox as his submissive. Will Maddox submit?

What's Hot?: Sex outside on a deck near the forest!

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Title of book: Ménage of the Siren (Sirens and Sailors 4)

Name of author: Bella Settarra

Genre: Fantasy/ménage (MFM)

Description of main characters: Ademia (means unmarried) - in her mid 20s. Has blonde, very curly, almost frizzy hair. Big blue eyes. Quite plump. Pretty round face. Big saggy boobs. Feels self-conscious about her appearance. Lively, fun personality.

Dr Jay - Dr Jasun, ship's doctor, good friend of Farris. Very large man, muscular. Deep voice. late 20s/early 30s. 6'5" tall. Has short, pale blond hair, blue eyes, deep voice. Dominant.

Farris - best friend of Dr Jay. Jet black, tousled shoulder-length hair. Big, muscular. 6'6" tall. Stubble on bottom half of face. Brown eyes. Wears white trousers, black boots, white blouson shirt open to navel. Sexy and gorgeous. Mischievous twinkle in eyes. Late 20s/early 30s. Dominant.

Setting: Refrania

Length: 44,700k

Blurb: Ademia’s insecurities prevent her from admitting her love for Farris and Dr. Jay. Things deteriorate when they seemingly abandon her. Can she overcome her vacillation to give them something worth fighting for when Jay’s reputation and her life become imperilled? Will the love of her two Doms be enough to save her life and their future?

What's Hot?: Being spanked by two massive Doms and then experiencing DP with them for the first time.

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Title of book: Legally Bound
Name of author: J R Gray

Genre: Contemporary, erotic suspense with BDSM elements.

Description of main characters:

Daniel, 27, is a public defender with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He's 6'0 and has the body of a runner, with long lean muscle.

Rafael, 25, is a scruffy Brazilian, paid dominant with black hair and green eyes. He's 6'2 with tattoos adorning his muscular arms.

Setting: The book takes place in Chicago

Length: 220 pages.

Blurb: Daniel, a public defender is shocked when his one night stand, Rafael, is staring back at him from the wrong side of the law. Daniel needs to keep things professional but the attraction and his craving for dominance is hard to deny. Can Daniel clear the paid dominant's name with the mounting evidence against him?

What’s Hot: Hot wax scene in the bathtub.  


  1. Thank you so much for having me over, Jen. x

  2. Three more really good books! My TBR pile is getting bigger!!